U.V. Gels

For all the acrylic and gel nail fans this is for you

  • No yellowing
  • NO fungus growth
  • NO more painful removal for a full set!
  • Read on ladies...

A UV Gel is a ‘gel’ applied by a brush to the nail in 2-4 layers, then cured (hardened) under a UV Light.

NO POWDERS used in the application of UV Gel nails.

Once the gel has cured, it is filed and buffed to shape, and a final layer of gel is applied thinly to seal the product and to have a long lasting shine. Nail polish never chips away from UV Gel.

Average refill is 2-3wks. However, some can go as long as six weeks or more without any lift. They do not yellow and never need to be removed to be redone. If it does need to be removed, it is easily filed to its thinner layer, and then buffed off; but most grow it out.

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