No Chip Manicure

Finally the long awaited prayer has been answered. The NO CHIP can be applied on the hand or feet. Imagine a manicure lasting throughout the week without chipping or peeling. What if you can slip on your shoes 3 minutes after a pedicure is completed. Would you think twice?

No-Chip Manicure Offers Protection and Beauty for Weak, Brittle Nails

No-chip manicures are best for weak, damaged, brittle nails.  In our salon, we use Calgel, Bellissima and ARTGENiC for no-chip manicure. Our products are safe, hypoallergic, and they provide protection for flimsy, peeling nails and can help repair natural nails after prolonged acrylic usage or other damage.  No-chip manicures can be employed to provide additional strength to natural nails, or it can be used to sculpt and extend nails for special occasions.  The no-chip manicure can be soaked off easily and without causing additional damage to the nail bed.

Benefits of the No-Chip Manicure

Traditional manicures can be time-consuming and messy.  They may also cause damage to the natural nail through improper product use or excessive buffing.  The no-chip manicure offers benefits beyond beauty and durability, including:

·       Shorter application time.  A no-chip manicure takes less than an hour, including the full manicure service.

·       No-chip “gel in a jar” products have a thick consistency, providing additional strength to the natural nail.

·       UV curing reduces overall curing time.

·       Nail strengthening products may be added in the area of the cuticle in order to promote healthy nail growth while the nail is protected by the actual gel.

·       No-chip manicure products are hypoallergenic and do not damage natural nails.

·       Easy, gentle, fast removal with mild removal solutions that do not damage the nail bed.

·       More than 250 shades available.

·       Unlike acrylic nails, no drilling is needed to achieve beautiful results.

·       The no-chip manicure will not peel off, lift or become rubbery.

·       The metabolism of the nail bed is not affected, allowing natural nails to heal and become stronger.

·       The no-chip manicure will not smudge, peel or chip, keeping nails perfect for two weeks or more following the service.

·       No-chip manicures are waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Reasons to Use the No-Chip Manicure

·       Strengthens natural nails

·       Nails remain thinner than with acrylic overlays, providing a more natural appearance

·       Requires little buffing prior to application

·       Does not damage the natural nail or nail beds

·       Nearly odorless

·       Provides for respiration and metabolism of the natural nail

·       Breathable, organic material prevents fungus and bacteria growth beneath the nail

·       Beautiful, elegant finish in less time than other products


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